It comes around every year on November 11th—Veterans Day. A holiday we use to remember brave soldiers, to express gratitude, and to honor those who have served and are serving our country. Many people have forgotten or never learned about what the day is all about. Have you ever wondered how it all began?

Let’s go back almost one hundred years to November 11, 1918. On this day at eleven o’clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I fighting came to an end when an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations went into effect. (An armistice is when hostilities stop temporarily). The day was eventually recognized as a national holiday, first as Armistice Day. Years later after World War II, the name was changed to Veterans Day to celebrate veterans from all wars.



On Veterans Day we honor all,

Who answered to a service call.

Soldiers young, and soldiers old,

Fought for freedom, brave and bold.

Some have lived, while others died,

And all of them deserve our pride.

We’re proud of all the soldiers who,

Kept thinking of the red, white and blue.

They fought for us and all our rights,

They fought through many days and nights.

And though we may not know each name,

We thank ALL veterans just the same.