People find themselves in emergencies that make it difficult to think straight.

At these times, all emergency personnel who are trying to help you need to know many things about you – especially if you have a complex medical history.

They would love to know:

Who you are… what medications you are using… what illnesses you have… who is your emergency contact person… what is your normal blood pressure… are you wearing hearing or seeing devices… do you speak English… and, if not, what language do you speak?

Emergency personnel would love to know what your last EKG looked like. This gives them critical information on any current heart event you may be having.

When you get to the hospital… they want to know more. What insurance do you have, etc.

These are very annoying questions when you don’t feel well, and sometimes you may not recall the answers because of your condition.

The Vial of Life speaks for you when you can’t speak or don’t feel well.

Protect yourself, and all of your family members… all it will cost you is a little time.
And it could save your life!

Your Vial of Life Kit will come complete with front door/window sticker, Medical Information Form and instructions. All you’ll need to provide is the information for the form and a plastic baggy. Community Ambulance is sending kits to the first 500 people who ask.

To receive a kit, please email Melanie Bangle at  Provide your full name and address.

If you have any questions regarding Vial for Life, you can call (702) 968-9813. You can also go to for more information.