Supply Technician Job Description and Characteristics

The Supply technician oversees the stocking of ambulances, cleaning of garage/wash-bay, and oversight of the supply room including: receiving, stocking, inventory management, and distribution functions. This position includes daily cleaning and stocking of ambulances, cleaning of garage/wash-bay/supply room, and issuance of equipment and supplies to the crew members. This position works with considerable independence in the normal performance of duties.

Key skills an effective dispatcher must possess;

  1. Receives stocks and distributes a wide variety of goods and materials used in most typical work environments plus the specialized environments of fire-rescue-EMS.
  2. Evaluates equipment and materials requests to assure suitability of request. Fills and arranges the distribution of inventory and materials used in a typical fire-rescue-EMS environment
  3. Performs records management functions associated with inventory tracking.
  4. Evaluates and distributes personal protective equipment and uniform items to Community Ambulance Personnel. Inspects, cleans, and repairs items as needed. Coordinate outsourced repairs with vendors. Places orders with various vendors and maintains suitable inventory of items.
  5. Conducts parts and materials inventory and use including historical tracking for the purpose of ensuring proper inventory and supply levels at all times. Applies efficient storage methods including allocations of proper bins or other storage spaces and security of stock.
  6. Cleans, sanitizes, and returns non-disposable equipment to service. Cleans and details ambulances as directed. Cleans and organized garage and ambulance cleaning area.
  7. Assists with records management functions to provide detailed record of items received, repaired, distributed, transferred, or disposed in order to ensure accurate department-wide inventory, repair cost summaries, and an effective depreciation and replacement schedule

Required certifications:

1) Possesses and maintains a valid Nevada Driver’s License
2) Other skill and equipment specific training may be required prior to being assigned to equipment or tasks.