Community Ambulance Health Science Center FAQ’s

Community Ambulance Health Science Center FAQ’s2020-11-21T19:04:12+07:00
What is the refund/attendance/grading etc. policy?2021-09-23T06:25:47+07:00

The full course catalog which includes course descriptions and all policies can be found here:



Does Community Ambulance Health Science Center accept the GI Bill?2022-04-26T01:43:19+07:00

At this time, we unfortunately do not.

Is the EMT Course tough?2022-12-20T01:44:19+07:00

The EMT Course is an adult education class.  The course is designed for a person with no medical experience to start your career in EMS.  However, students need to take the class seriously and be able to dedicate time outside of the class to read the chapters, complete online homework and study. Most fails of the class can be attributed to the student not completing the online work, then they do not have that knowledge for quizzes and tests bringing down those scores as well.

What is required for this course?2022-12-20T01:45:28+07:00

For EMT and AEMT Courses, a current State ID, High School Diploma (or equivalent) or college transcripts are required for Nevada State Postsecondary Education. They do not need to be certified copies. We also require a background check completed through SchoolCheckUSA.  For AEMT Courses, it is also required that you have a CURRENT EMT Certification, as well as a Current CPR Card. All course requirements are listed in the course description.  Information on how to get the background check and upload required files will provided after registration of the course.

Can I get information on future classes?2020-11-21T18:53:20+07:00

As soon as classes are decided on, and approved, they are opened for registration. Notifications will be made on our Facebook page. As things sometimes change before a class is approved, we wait until classes are approved by the Southern Nevada Health District before posting online.

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