Now that the weather is warming up, more families and children are spending time outside and in the backyard. There are many hidden poisons right in front of us that we don't even realize are dangerous. Here is a list of the most common backyard poisons:   OLEANDER: All parts of the plant are poisonous [...]

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Vial of Life

  People find themselves in emergencies that make it difficult to think straight. At these times, all emergency personnel who are trying to help you need to know many things about you – especially if you have a complex medical history. They would love to know: Who you are… what medications you are using… what [...]

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Burn Awareness Week Facts: How to prevent scalds and burns with Children

Burns and Scalds CAN be prevented!! All it takes is a split second for a preventable accident to forever change your child's life.  

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National Burn Awareness Week

  National Burn Awareness Week February 5-11, 2017. Each year, over 486,000 individuals were seen in emergency departments, minor emergency clinics or physician’s offices for the treatment of a burn injury in the United States and Canada. In 2014 alone, there were 3,275 recorded deaths from fire and smoke inhalation injuries. The majority of these injuries [...]

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1st Annual Community Blood Drive and Open House

  Come join Community Ambulance for our 1st annual Blood Drive and Open House!! We are hosting a public blood drive, partnering with American Red Cross. Bring the whole family!! There will be snacks, movies and ambulance tours for children while parents give blood. Every donor receives a goody bag and free entry to a [...]

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